George Burns and Gracie Allen Show

George Burns & Gracie Allen Show

Series Description

The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show was a comedy series that aired on CBS. It's uniqueness makes it a hard one to describe. Basically, Gracie would goof up and try to hide her mistake from her husband. Her way of hiding it would be so easy to "see through" but she'd be sure that he wouldn't find out. Also, she would misunderstand things others told her and then assume it was they who didn't understand. Then she'd proceed to explain things to them. For example, someone might say that their doctor had to close his practice due to a lack of patients. Gracie would say that they should learn to control their anger (lack of patience). Then the person might say, "No, I mean they don't have enough people coming to see them for medical attention". Gracie would then say, "Well, of course, if you always get mad at them, they'll go to another doctor". And it would go "on and on" like that until the person would give up and Gracie would be satisfied that she had explained it to them adequately.

Burns and Allen Show Cast

George Burns .... Himself
Gracie Allen .... Herself
Bea Benaderet .... Blanche Morton
Hal March .... Harry Morton (1950-1951)
John Brown .... Harry Morton (1951)
Fred Clark .... Harry Morton (1951-1953)
Larry Keating .... Harry Morton (1953-1958)
Harry von Zell .... Himself
Rolfe Sedan .... Mr. Beasley
Ronnie Burns .... Himself
Bill Goodwin .... Himself
Judi Meredith .... Bonnie Sue McAfee
Frank Wilcox .... Mr. Grainger


Before the George Burns and Gracie Allen TV show, there was a Burns & Allen radio show that aired from February 15, 1932 through May 17, 1950 for more than 675 episodes! And as soon as the radio show left the air, the TV show started the very next season in October of 1950! When you're hot, you're hot!

The series was broadcast live for the first two years!

The program's sponsor was "Carnation Evaporated Milk" and their commercial theme stated that their product comes from "Contented Cows"! Well, apparently advertising agencies were not quite as "savy" in those days. By the way, the commercials were worked right into this show. For instance, Gracie would tell Blanche that she just made some delicious homemade pie with Carnation Evaporated Milk. Then Blanche would taste it and they'd talk about why Carnation Milk makes everything taste so much better. Then they'd go on with the show.

This TV show was nominated for 6 Emmys but didn't win any.

Both George Burns and Gracie Allen began performing in Vaudeville as children. Neither one of them "stood out" particularly from the hundreds of other performers until they started performing together in 1922. Gracie's roomate told her that she knew of an act called "George Burns and Billy Lorraine" that was splitting up and that she should try to team up with one of them. Initially, George told most of the jokes but it soon became apparent that there was a better way. They noticed that whenever Gracie would act "scatter-brained" in response to George's straight lines, they got their biggest laughs. And that's how "Burns and Allen" developed into the act we've all come to know and love!

Bea Benaderet began her career on several radio programs including: Fibber McGee and Molly, My Favorite Husband, the Jack Benny Show, Campbell Playhouse and the George Burns and Gracie Allen (radio) Show. Her role as "Blanche" on "Burns and Allen" cost her the role of "Ethel Mertz" on the "I Love Lucy Show (1951)". She was Lucy's first choice for the part. Bea also starred on other TV shows including, "Petticoat Junction (1963)" and "Green Acres (1965)". She also did many cartoon voices, including her best-known voice as "Betty Rubble" on "The Flintstones (1960)".

While they starred in several movies together, Gracie appeared in three movies without George. They were: "The Gracie Allen Murder Case (1939)", "Mr. and Mrs. North (1941)" and "Two Girls and a Sailor (1944)".

Larry Keating is best known for his role as Roger Addison on the 1961 TV show, "Mister Ed (1961)" about a talking horse.

During one performance, Flo Ziegfeld (Follies) was in the audience to check out George and Gracie's act. George blew smoke in Gracie's face that night and it really upset Ziegfeld. He later sent George a cable stating, "I'll pay $200 for the dame, $100 for the act!"

Ronnie Burns who plays George and Gracie's son on the show, is their real life adopted son.

Frank Wilcox is best known in his role as oil company president John Brewster on, "The Beverly Hillbillies (1962)". Although never known well by name, he appeared in a tremendous number of movies over a three-decade career!

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