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Buffalo Bill Cast

Series Description

The Buffalo Bill TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a bully host of a local talk show in Buffalo, New York with a huge ego. Being a local celebrity just wasn't enough to satisfy Bill who dreamt of moving up to the Network and he took his frustration out on just about everyone else at the station. The only two people that put him in his place were the station director and his sometimes lady friend.

Buffalo Bill Cast

Dabney Coleman .... "Buffalo" Bill Bittinger
Max Wright .... Karl Shub Sr.
Joanna Cassidy .... Joanna "Jo-Jo" White
Geena Davis .... Wendy Killian
Charles Robinson .... Newdell Spriggs Jr.
John Fiedler .... Woodrow "Woody" Deschler
Meshach Taylor .... Tony Fittipaldi
Pippa Pearthree .... Melanie Wayne Bittinger
Claude Earl Jones .... Stan Fluger

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