The Buccaneers

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Series Description

The Buccaneers TV show was a 30 minute British action series on ITV about a British pirate who reached an agreement with his king. He received a pardon for past crimes by agreeing to henceforth only loot Spanish ships. He had a uneasy alliance with the deputy governor of the territory as neither one of them fully trusted the other.

The Buccaneers Cast

Robert Shaw .... Captain Dan Tempest
Alec Clunes .... Governor Woodes Rogers
Peter Hammond .... Lieutenant Beamish
George Margo .... Blackbeard I
Terence Cooper .... Blackbeard II
Wilfred Downing .... Crewman Dickon
Hugh David .... Crewman Benjy
Roger Delgado .... Estaban
Paul Hansard .... Taffy
Alec Mango .... Crewman Van Brugh
Brian Rawlinson .... Crewman Gaff Edwin Richfield .... Crewman Armando

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