Brotherhood Cast

Series Description

Brotherhood was a 60 minute crime drama series on Showtime about the relationship between two brothers of Irish descent living in Providence, Rhode Island. One was a politician and the other was a mobster.

Brotherhood Cast

Jason Isaacs .... Michael Caffee (2006-2008)
Jason Clarke .... Tommy Caffee (2006-2008)
Kevin Chapman .... Freddie Cork (2006-2008)
Annabeth Gish .... Eileen Caffee (2006-2008)
Fiona C. Erickson .... Mary Rose Caffee (2006-2008)
Brian Scannell .... Silent John (2006-2008)
Fionnula Flanagan .... Rose Caffee (2006-2008)
Kerry O'Malley .... Mary Kate Martinson (2006-2008)
Madison Garland .... Lila Caffee (2006-2008)
Billy Smith .... Kevin 'Moe' Reilly (2006-2008)
Ethan Embry .... Declan Giggs (2006-2008)
Tina Benko .... Kath Parry (2006-2008)
Brian F. O'Byrne .... Colin (2007-2008)
Frank Ridley .... Terry Mulligan (2006-2008)
Kailey Gilbert .... Noni Caffee (2006-2008)
Matt Servitto .... Representative Donatello (2006-2008)
John Fiore .... Alphonse Nozzoli (2006-2008)
Georgia Lyman .... Cassie Giggs (2006-2008)
Karl Bury .... Alex Byrne (2006-2007)

Brotherhood Trivia

Brian F. O'Byrne and Fionnula Flanagan are Irish born actors. Fiona Erickson is of Irish descent. None of the other regulars are Irish or of Irish descent. Brotherhood was based on real-life brothers of Irish descent named William "Billy" Bulger and James "Whitey" Bulger who lived in South Boston, Massachusetts. Whitey spent ten years on the FBI's most wanted list until he was finally captured and indicted for nineteen alleged murders. Billy had to retire as President of the University of Massachusetts when it was discovered that he had been having contact with his criminal brother. Billy had also served as a Massachusetts State Senator, rising to the office of President of that institution! He continues to serve as a trustee on the board of the Boston Public Library and receives a state pension of $198,205.92 per year.

The Brotherhood TV show was originally planned to be a theatrical movie before being produced as a TV series.

Kevin Chapman was working at the Boston Film Office when he was discovered by the director Ted Demme who passed away in 2002. That "discovery" got Chapman a role as Mickey Pat in the 1998 film, "Monument Avenue". Among his many other movie and TV roles, Chapman ironically played an Italian mobster in the 1999 film, "Boondock Saints".

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