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The Bronx Zoo Cast

Series Description

The The Bronx Zoo TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC about the struggle of a principle of an inner-city High School to motivate his students to achieve and his teachers to excel.

The Bronx Zoo Cast

Edward Asner .... Principal Joe Danzig
Nicholas Pryor .... Jack Feldspar
Kathryn Harrold .... Sara Newhouse
David Wilson .... Harry Barnes
Jerry Levine .... Matthew Littman
Kathleen Beller .... Mary Caitlin Callahan
Mykelti Williamson .... Gus Butterfield
Janet Carroll .... Carol Danzig
Betty Karlen .... Virginia Biederman
Gail Boggs .... Roz
Tyra Ferrell .... Roberta
Adam Carl .... Snyder
Chelsea Field .... Chris Barnes (Season 2)

The Bronx Zoo Trivia

There was one episode of the Bronx Zoo TV show that was produced but was not broadcast. It's title was "Unnatural Selection".

The name of Joe Danzig's School was Benjamin Harris High School.

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