Brideshead Revisited TV Miniseries

Brideshead Revisited TV Miniseries Cast

Series Description:

Brideshead Revisited was a British miniseries about two young men who met at Oxford University and took place during the time period between the two World Wars. One was a commoner and the other was a member of an aristocratic family. The aristocrats are Catholics in an England that is very Protestant and also eventually find their wealth and affluence in decline. The commoner is at first welcomed by the aristocrats, falls in love with his friends sister, and is ultimately rejected by the family. A fantastic cast and a terrific story. Sir Lawrence Olivier won an Emmy for his performance! It was nearly 13 hours in length and was originally broadcast from October 12 through December 22, 1981.

Brideshead Revisited Cast

Jeremy Irons .... Charles Ryder
Anthony Andrews .... Sebastian Flyte
Phoebe Nicholls .... Cordelia Flyte
Diana Quick .... Julia Flyte
Jane Asher .... Celia Ryder
Simon Jones .... Brideshead "Bridey" Flyte
Sir Laurence Olivier .... Lord Marchmain
Claire Bloom .... Lady Marchmain
John Gielgud .... Edward Ryder
Charles Keating .... Rex Mottram
John Nettleton .... Commanding Officer

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