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Breaking Bad Cast

Series Description

Breaking Bad is a 60 minute crime drama series on AMC about a genius high school chemistry teacher who found that he was dying of cancer. In a desperate move to leave his family adequate money to secure their futures, he decided to use his skills to develop the purest crystal meth available anywhere.

Breaking Bad Cast

Bryan Cranston .... Walter White (2008-)
Anna Gunn .... Skyler White (2008-)
Aaron Paul .... Jesse Pinkman (2008-)
RJ Mitte .... Walter White, Jr. (2008-)
Dean Norris .... Hank Schrader (2008-)
Betsy Brandt .... Marie Schrader (2008-)
Bob Odenkirk .... Saul Goodman (2009-)
Jonathan Banks .... Mike Ehrmantraut (2009-)
Giancarlo Esposito .... Gustavo "Gus" Fring (2009-2011)
Steven Michael Quezada .... Steven Gomez (2008-2011)
Charles Baker .... Skinny Pete (2008-2011)
Christopher Cousins .... Ted Beneke (2009-2011)
Matt Jones .... Badger (2008-)
Michael Shamus Wiles .... ASAC Merkert (2009-2011)
Ray Campbell .... Tyrus Kitt (2011)
Krysten Ritter .... Jane Margolis (2009-2010)

Breaking Bad Trivia

The series' title is comprised using the symbols for the chemicals Bromine (BR - Breaking) and Barium (BA - Bad). In the opening credits you will also notice that chemical symbols are also capitalized and highlighted when they appear in an actor's name.

Executive Producer, Vince Gilligan said that it was first planned that Jessie would die sometime during the first season on Vince's audio commentary included on the season one DVDs.

Bryan Cranston (Walter White) explained in an interview that "Breaking Bad" is a southern term that indicates someone switching to the wrong path in life after living a good life up to that point.

RJ Mitte plays the character Walter White, Jr. who has cerebral palsy on Breaking Bad. RJ actually does have cerebral palsy in real life but not nearly so bad as Walter White. He had to practice for the part by learning how to walk on crutches and he also had to drag out his speech more slowly than he speaks in real life.

Obviously, the characters seen smoking crystal meth on the show aren't really smoking the drug. They don't inhale and what they smoke is either sugar or rock candy.

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