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Boston Public Cast

Series Description

The Boston Public TV show was a 60 minute drama series on the FOX Network about the teaching and administrative staff at a Boston, Massachusetts high school. Their challenges of coping with teenaged students in the 20th century, dealing with co-workers, and also carrying on a social life was the main plot line of the series.

Boston Public Cast

Chi McBride .... Steven Harper
Anthony Heald .... Scott Guber
Loretta Devine .... Marla Hendricks
Sharon Leal .... Marilyn Sudor
Fyvush Finkel .... Harvey Lipschultz
Jeri Ryan .... Ronnie Cooke (2001-2004)
Michael Rapaport .... Danny Hanson (2001-2004)
Jessalyn Gilsig .... Lauren Davis (2000-2002)
Nicky Katt .... Harry Senate (2000-2002)
Rashida Jones .... Louisa Fenn (2000-2002)
China Shavers .... Brooke Harper (2001-2003)
Thomas McCarthy .... Kevin Riley (2000-2001)
Joey Slotnick .... Milton Buttle (2000-2001)
Kathy Baker .... Meredith Peters (2001-2002)
Jon Abrahams .... Zack Fisher (2002-2003)

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