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The Boss TV show is a 60 minute crime drama series on Starz about a mayor who runs Chicago, Illinois with an iron fist. His political connections pretty much make him a total dictator and while his intent is to do what's best for his city, he will ruin anyone who gets in his way. Yes ... this is a man who loves power and total control. Then suddenly he is threatened with losing not only his political control but also control of his own body when he is diagnosed with a neurological disorder that doctors say will eventually kill him. The mayor is the type of man who has created many enemies and they would all love to use his disorder to steal his power. He will do anything to keep his seat in city hall ... anything!

Boss Cast

Kelsey Grammer .... Mayor Tom Kane
Connie Nielsen .... Meredith Kane
Hannah Ware .... Emma Kane
Martin Donovan .... Ezra Stone
Jeff Hephner .... Alex Zajac
Kathleen Robertson .... Kitty O'Neill
Rotimi .... Darius Morrison
Troy Garity .... Sam Miller

Boss Trivia

This is definitely a show for adults only. It's packed with sex, soft porn and lots of nudity. Find something else for the kiddies to do.

Starz must have loved this script and the chance to get Kelsey Grammer to star in the series. They approved the shooting of the first season without even shooting and testing a pilot episode!

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