Bonnie Hunt Show

The Bonnie Hunt Show Cast

Series Description

The Bonnie Hunt Show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about the lives of a news reporter, her friends, and co-workers.

Bonnie Hunt Show Cast

Bonnie Hunt .... Bonnie Kelly
Holly Wortell .... Holly Jankovsky
Mark Derwin .... Bill Kirkland
Janet Carroll .... Diane Fulton
Tom Virtue .... Tom Vandoozer
Don Lake .... Keith Jedzik
Richard Gant .... Joe Briggs
Eamonn Roche .... Andrew Wiggins
Brian Howe .... Sammy Sinatra

Bonnie Hunt Show Trivia

There were two episodes that were produced but did not originally air after the Bonnie Hunt Show was canceled. Their titles were "Beginning of the Beginning" and "The Bermuda Triangle".

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