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The Bold and the Beautiful Soap Opera Cast

Series Description

The Bold and the Beautiful Soap Opera is a daytime drama series that premiered on March 23, 1987 on CBS. It centers around the wealthy Forrester family who own a fashion business that creates high priced fashions for both men and women. They live in a Beverly Hills mansion and their lives are filled with the excitement inherent in the world of high fashion, models and exclusive fashion shows. Of course, like on most soap operas the Forresters experience much emotional strife in their otherwise charmed lives including marital infidelities and break ups, deaths and just about every other heart wrenching situation imaginable.

The Bold and the Beautiful Cast

Susan Flannery .... Stephanie Forrester (1987-)
John McCook .... Eric Forrester (1987-)
Katherine Kelly Lang .... Brooke Logan (1987-)
Ronn Moss .... Ridge Forrester (1987-)
Winsor Harmon .... Thorne Forrester (1996-)
Jack Wagner .... Dominick Marone (2003-)
Hunter Tylo .... Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester (1990-)
Adrienne Frantz .... Ambrosia Moore (1997-)
Ashley Jones .... Bridget Forrester (2004-)
Lesley-Anne Down .... Jacqueline Payne Marone (2003-)
Darlene Conley .... Sally Spectra (1989-2006)
Justin Torkildsen .... Rick Forrester (1999-2006)
Sean Kanan .... Deacon Sharpe (2000-2005)
Jennifer Gareis .... Donna Logan Forrester (2006-)
Daniel McVicar .... Clarke Garrison (1987-2009)
Joseph Mascolo .... Massimo Marone IV (2001-2006)
Jennifer Finnigan .... Bridget Forrester (2000-2004)
Kyle Lowder .... Rick Forrester (2007-)
Schae Harrison .... Darla Einstein (1989-2007)
Heather Tom .... Katie Logan (2007-)
Clayton Norcross .... Thorne Forrester (1987-1989)
Drew Tyler Bell .... Thomas Forrester (2004-)
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood .... Steffy Forrester (2008-)
Jeff Trachta .... Thorne Forrester (1989-1996)
Bobbie Eakes .... Macy Alexander Forrester (1989-2003)
Lesli Kay .... Felicia Forrester (2005-2009)
Maeve Quinlan .... Megan Conley (1995-2006)
Mick Cain .... C.J. Garrison (1998-2007)
Robert Craighead .... Lieutenant Conran (1993-1996)
Ashley Tesoro .... Kimberly Fairchild (1998-2001)
Lorenzo Lamas .... Hector Ramirez (2004-2007)
Antonio Sabato Jr. .... Dante Damiano (2005-2007)
Brandon Beemer .... Owen Knight (2008-)
Alley Mills .... Pamela Douglas (2006-)
Mackenzie Mauzy .... Phoebe Forrester (2006-2008)
Judith Borne .... Angela Forrester (1988-1989)
Cal Bartlett .... Dr. Todd Powell (1988-1989)
Brett Wirta .... Eric Forrester III (1999-2002)
Jon Wirta .... Eric Forrester III (1999-2002)
William deVry .... Storm Logan (2006-2008)
Sarah Buxton .... Morgan DeWitt (1987-2005)
Texas Battle .... Marcus Walton (2008-)
Rick Hearst .... Whipple Jones (2002-)
Tracy Melchior .... Kristen Forrester Dominguez (2001-2008)
Dax Griffin .... Shane McGrath (2006-2007)
Eileen Davidson .... Ashley Abbott (2007-2008)
Marissa Tait .... Rebecca Moore (1999-2000)
Patrick Duffy .... Stephen Logan (2006-)
Don Diamont .... Bill Spencer (2009-)
Kayla Ewell .... Caitlin Ramirez (2004-2005)
Kimberlin Brown .... Sheila Carter (1992-2003)
Paulo Benedeti .... Antonio Dominguez (2001-2002)
Sydney Penny .... Samantha Kelly (2003-2005)
Michael Swan .... Adam Alexander (1998-2003)
Jacob Young .... Rick Forrester (1997-1999)
Dan Martin .... Lieutenant Baker (1997-)
Josef Rainer .... Dr. Todd Powell (1989)

Theme Song

Title: "High Upon This Love"

Written By: "Jack Allocco" and "David Kurtz"

Performed By: "Dionne Warwick"

Note: This vocal version of the theme song was only used from November of 1998 to July of 1999.

You came into this love
It caught me by surprise
As I walked through this door
I never felt a love so sure
You can see it in my eyes

They say love is truly blind
And it will stand the test of time
A love truly meant to be
Two hearts as one so free
I give my heart
You hold the key

Fly high upon this love
And touch the stars above that's
What dreams are made of
Bold and beautiful are we
In love eternally
Forever you and me

You are my shining light
In the shadow of the night
Yes the love that you see
In every part of me
One touch you set me free

Let's hold on to what we have
Cause love so often dies
Wont be fooled by fantasy
Cause I believe in you and me
And we'll never say goodbye
Forever you and me
Bold and beautiful are we

The Bold and the Beautiful Trivia

The Forresters' fashion business is named simply, "Forrester Creations". It began as a combination of Eric Forrester's design skills and Stephanie's family fortune.

Eric Forrester met his future wife, Stephanie Douglas while the both attended Chicago, Illinois' Northwestern University. They quickly married when Stephanie realized that she was pregnant, they moved to Los Angeles and started Forrester Creations which became renowned worldwide as a leader in upscale fashions.

Many well known personalities have appeared on the Bold and the Beautiful including Bob Barker ("The Price is Right"), Phyllis Diller ("The Pruitts Of Southampton"), Patrick Duffy ("Step by Step"), Fabio ("Acapulco Heat"), Linda Gray ("Dallas"), Charlton Heston ("The Colbys"), Mario Lopez ("Saved by the Bell") and Betty White ("The Golden Girls").

Katherine Kelly Lang's children, Jeremy and Julian Snider appeared on the Bold and the Beautiful as kids as the children of their mother's character on the show! Katherine was their mother both on and off screen!

Lauren and Zachariah Koslow were also mother and son both on the show and in real life.

The Bold and the Beautiful is extremely popular in Italy where it's title has been shortened to simply, "Beautiful".

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