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Bob's Burgers Characters

Series Description

Bob's Burgers is a 30 minute animated comedy series on Fox about Bob Belcher and his weird family who run their own hamburger restaurant.

Bob's Burgers Characters:

Voices: H. Jon Benjamin .... Bob Belcher
John Roberts .... Linda Belcher
Kristen Schaal .... Louise Belcher
Eugene Mirman .... Gene Belcher
Dan Mintz .... Tina Belcher
Andy Kindler .... Mort the Mortician
Larry Murphy .... Teddy
David Herman .... Mr. Frond
Kevin Kline .... Mr. Fischoeder
Jay Johnston .... Jimmy Pesto
Sam Seder .... Hugo
Sarah Silverman .... Ollie
Laura Silverman .... Andy

Bob's Burgers Trivia

The creator of Bob's Burgers, "Loren Bouchard" said that she developed the series to keep with Fox's tradition of family-based animated series. He added the family-run restaurant because he wanted to use the workplace as an opportunity for more funny situations.

Bob's Burger's executive producer, "Jim Dauterive" worked in numerous jobs on the series, "King of the Hill" including executive producer, writer and he even provided his voice for a couple of episodes. Fox executives have hinted that Bob's Burgers was put on the air partially to make up for the loss of King of the Hill when it was cancelled in 2009 after thirteen seasons on the air!

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