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Blue Skies Cast

Series Description

The Blue Skies TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about two young men who started an outdoor goods catalog business but soon discovered that they were being ripped off by their accountant! Things got better (financially) when they took on a third partner, a lady with a MBA in Business from Harvard.

Blue Skies Cast

Matt Roth .... Russell Evans
Corey Parker .... Joel Goodman
Stephen Tobolowsky .... Oak
Adilah Barnes .... Eve Munroe
Richard Kind .... Kenny
Julia Campbell .... Ellie

Blue Skies Trivia:

The title for this series came from Russell, Joel, and Eve's business, "The Blue Skies Trading Company" which was unquestionably modelled after the real life company, "L.L. Bean".

The Blue Skies TV show had a theme song that was also a hit Irving Berlin tune from 1927! It was appropriately titled, "Blue Skies".

The Blue Skies TV show had a decent little time slot on Monday nights at 8:30PM on ABC, right after the hit comedy series, "Coach". It had a lot of competition, however, from "Dave's World" on CBS, the second half of "Melrose Place" on FOX, and "Blossom" on NBC!

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