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The Blue's Clues TV show was a kids TV show where toddlers were entertained by a cute little dog that provides clues for the kids to hunt for and figure out something. There was also two hosts during the series' run who were always doing something funny to delight the youngsters.

Blue's Clues Characters


Steve Burns .... Himself (Seasons 1-4)
Donovan Patton .... Joe Burns (Seasons 5-6)
Traci Paige Johnson .... Blue (Voice)
Seth O'Hickory .... Mailbox (Voice)
Nick Balaban .... Mr. Salt (Voice)
Aleisha Allen .... Side Table Drawer (Voice)
Kathryn Avery .... Tickety Tock (Voice) (Seasons 1-3)
Stephen Schmidt .... Shovel (Voice) (Seasons 1-4)
Marshall Claffy .... Pail (Voice) (Seasons 1-4)
Kelly Nigh .... Tickety Tock (Voice) (Seasons 4+)
Cody Ross Pitts .... Slippery (Voice) (Seasons 1-3)
Patrick Van Wagenen .... Slippery (Voice) (Seasons 4-6)
Victoria Pontecorvo .... Puppet Blue (Voice) (Season 6)

Blue's Clues Trivia

Blue's Clues is aired in 120 countries and has been dubbed in 15 languages!

Donavon Patton (Joe Burns) is not Steve Burns brother in real life. Donavon is a Shakespearean-trained actor! He appeared in roles in productions of "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Romeo and Juliet". Donavon says that he took the job as Blue's Clues' host because he was a starving Shakespearean actor. He had to audition for the part and return for six additional call-backs before winning the job! By the way, Donavon has a cousin you may have hear of ... World War II hero, "General George S. Patton"!

During Blue's Clues' second season, there were rumors floating around that Steve Burns had died of drug-abuse problems. Steve had to go on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" to prove to his young fans that he was still alive!

In every single episode of Blue's Clues, there's a small snail hidden somewhere.

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