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Blue Heelers Cast

Series Description

The Blue Heelers TV show was a 60 minute Australian crime drama series on the Seven Network that concentrated on the day-to-day professional and personal lives of the police officers at a rural police station.

Blue Heelers Cast

John Wood .... Senior Sergeant Tom Croydon
Julie Nihill .... Christine "Chris" Reilly
Martin Sacks .... Senior Detective Patrick Joseph "P.J." Hasham (Seasons 1-12)
Lisa McCune .... Senior Constable Margaret "Maggie" Doyle (Seasons 1-7)
Paul Bishop .... Senior Constable/Sergeant Ben Stewart (Seasons 5-11)
William McInnes .... Sergeant Nicholas "Nick" Schultz (Seasons 1-5 and 11-12)
Axl Taylor .... Len The Barman (Seasons 1-5)
Damian Walshe-Howling .... Constable Adam Cooper (Seasons 2-5)
Jane Allsop .... Constable Joanna "Jo" Parrish (Seasons 6-11)
Ditch Davey .... Constable Evan "Jonesy" Jones (Seasons 8-13)
Caroline Craig .... Sergeant Theresa "Tess" Gallagher (Seasons 7-10)
Tasma Walton .... Constable Deidre "Dash" McKinley (Seasons 3-6)
Rupert Reid .... Constable Jack Lawson (Seasons 6-8)
Grant Bowler .... Constable Wayne Patterson (Seasons 1-3)
Samantha Tolj .... Constable Kelly O'Rourke (Seasons 11-13)
Simone McAullay .... Constable Susie Raynor (Seasons 10-13)
Rachel Gordon .... Detective Senior Constable Amy Fox (Seasons 11-13)
Danny Raco .... Constable Joss Palermo (Seasons 11-13)
Charlie Clausen .... Senior Constable Alex Kirby (Seasons 12-13)
Karen Davitt .... Dr. Zoe Hamilton (Seasons 1-5)
Neil Pigot .... Inspector Russell Falcon-Price (Seasons 4-13)
Geoff Morrell .... Sergeant Mark Jacobs (Seasons 11-13)

Blue Heelers Trivia

Series creator Hal McElroy decided that unlike most police dramas that present the stories from the perspective of the criminals, victims and others involved in a crime he would show the story from the viewpoint of the officers.

The Blue Heelers worked out of a police station in a ficticious small town named Mount Thomas located somewhere in Victoria.

Four of the actors who eventually got recurring roles as police officers first appeared on an episode as civilians. Peta Doodson, who became Inspector Monica Draper, appeared as Angela Todd, the wife of an Alderman on episode #28 titled "Consequences". Tasma Walton (Constable Dash McKinley) appeared as Kim Treloar, a 16-year-old schoolgirl on episode #61 titled "Salutary Lessons". Terry Serio (Sergeant Mick Doyle) appeared as Paul Reynolds, a nightclub bouncer on episode #47 titled "A Question of Courage". Finally, Jane Allsop (Constable Jo Parrish) appeared as Angie Anderson, a girl wrapped up in a matchmaking scam on episode #138 titled "Fool For Love".

The Blue Heelers sixth season and the first few episodes of the seventh received the biggest number of viewers of the entire series. Those episodes concentrated on the relationship between Detective P.J. Hashman and Constable Maggie Doyle which culminated in Doyle's shooting death on episode #255 titled "One More Day". That episode was named as the third all time most memorable moment on Australian drama television by TV Week Magazine!

One of the saddest moments on Australian television happened when Tom Croydon's wife Nell died in a car crash in season two. It's a bit ironic that fans felt so much sympathy for Nell as she had never actually been seen on the series. She was mentioned however in almost every episode up to that point.

Nell Croydon was eventually seen on episode #244, "Starry Starry Night" in a long dream sequence where Tom is talking to Nell while fishing alone on the anniversary of her death.

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