Blossom Cast

Series Description

The Blossom TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a teenage young lady who was intelligent but also mischievous. She lived with her father and two older brothers. Blossom wished she had a mother around if only so she'd not be the sole female in the house. The episodes' plotlines centered around Blossom's interactions with family, friends, and schoolmates. Blossom's best friend, Six LeMuere, got her into one mess after another.

Blossom Cast

Mayim Bialik .... Blossom Russo (1990-1995)
Joseph Lawrence .... Joey Russo (1990-1995)
Ted Wass .... Nick Russo (1990-1995)
Jenna von Oy .... Six LeMeure (1990-1995)
Michael Stoyanov .... Anthony Russo (1990-1995)
Barnard Hughes .... Buzz Richman (1990-1994)
David Lascher .... Vinnie Bonitardi (1992-1995)
Portia Dawson .... Rhonda Jo Applegate (1991-1994)
Finola Hughes .... Carol (1993-1995)
Samaria Graham .... Shelly Russo (1993-1995)
Courtney Chase .... Kennedy (1994-1995)
Kevin Jamal Woods .... Frank (1994-1995)
Melissa Manchester .... Maddy Russo (1993-1994)
Gail Edwards .... Sharon LeMeure (1991-1993)

Blossom Theme Song

Title: "My Opinionation"

By: "Mike Post and Steve Geyer"

Don't know about the future, that's anybody's guess.
Ain't no good reason for getting all depressed.
Buy up your pad and pencil, I'll give you a piece of my mind.
In my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine.

Stop all your fussin'.
Slap on a smile.
Come out and walk in the sun for awhile.

Don't fight the felling, you know you want to have a good time.
And in my opinionation, the sun is gonna surely shine.

Blossom Trivia

The Blossom pilot was the first TV role for David Lascher ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"). Blossom's parents were also married in the pilot. Blossom's youngest brother was named, "Donnie" in the pilot but when the regular episodes began airing, his name became "Joey" even though the actor playing the role (Joey Lawrence) was the same in both.

It was only mentioned a few times but Blossom's first name was actually Catherine.

Mayim Bialik actually had starring roles on two pilots that aired in 1990. The other series was titled "Molloy" and it aired on Fox. There wasn't much of a choice for Bialik about which series to pursue however since Molloy only lasted through its initial six episode production.

The characters on the TV series, "Seinfeld" often mentioned Blossom and the characters on the Blossom TV show often mentioned "Seinfeld".

In the Blossom pilot it was explained that "Six" was named after the quantity of beer her parents drank on the evening that Six was conceived. Apparently someone eventually thought about how inappropriate it was to use that explanation on a show that appealed to teens and even to pre-teens. Anyway, after the pilot, they said that her name referred to Six being the sixth child. In real-life, the name came from one of the show's writers who had a friend in high school named, "Seven".

ALF from the "ALF TV Show" was listed in the credits of the Blossom TV show's eighth episode titled, "The Geek" even though ALF was a puppet, not a person. Paul Fusco who created the ALF series also provided ALF's voice was also credited. It may seem odd but ALF was so beloved at that time that most people accepted him as a person without really thinking about it!

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