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The Block TV show is a 30-60 minute Australian reality series on Channel Nine where four couple each remodel a home and then auction it off for as much money as possible. The couple whose home successfully sells at auction and produces the highest profit is the winner. In addition to the profit they made, the winning couple also receives a $100,000 bonus!

The Block Cast

Season one (2003)

Adam and Fiona - Winners
Paul and Kylie - Second Place
Warren and Gavin - Third Place
Phil and Amity - Fourth Place

Season two (2004)

Andrew and Jamie - Winners
Jason and Kirsten - Second Place
Matt and Jane - Third Place
Steven and Richard - Fourth Place

Season three (2010)

John and Neisha - Winners
Erin and Jake - Second Place
Mark and Duncan - Third Place
Chez and Brenton - Fourth Place

Season four (2011)

Polly and Waz - Winners
Rod and Tania - Second Place
Josh and Jenna - Third Place
Amie and Katrina - Fourth Place

Season five (2012)

Lara and Brad - Winners
Dani and Dan - Second Place
Mike and Andrew - Third Place
Sophie and Dale - Fourth Place

Season six (2013) (All Stars)

Phil and Amity - Winners
Josh and Jenna - Second Place
Dani and Dan - Third Place
Mark and Duncan - Fourth Place

Season seven (2013) (Sky High)

Alisa and Lysandra - Winners
Matt and Kim - Second Place
George and Bec - Third Place
Madi and Jarrod - Fourth Place

Season eight (2014) (Fans vs. Favorites)

Steve and Chantelle - Winners
Kyal and Kara - Second Place
Brad and Dale - Third Place
Alisa and Lysandra - Fourth Place

Season nine (2014) (Glasshouse)

Shannon and Simon - Winners
Chris & Jenna - Second Place
Karstan & Maxine - Third Place
Michael & Carlene - Fourth Place (Tie)
Darren & Deanne - Fourth Place (Tie)

The Block Trivia

In the second season a couple named Dani and Monique Bacha had to leave the series after it became known that Dani had been convicted of a drug charge and served a six month prison sentence in 2002. That was good news for Jamie Nicholson and Andrew Rochford who took their place on the show and won that season!

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