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The Blakes 7 TV show was a 60 minute British sci-fi series on BBC1. It was about a former rebel leader named Roj Blake who had fought against an inter-galactic government who controlled its people by drugging their air, food, and water. He was eventually captured, they erased his memories, and charged him with crimes he never committed! On the way to a prison planet, Blake and some of his fellow prisoners boarded an alien spacecraft that had mysteriously pulled alongside the prison ship and they pledged to fight the evil government forces and free the citizens from their drug induced captivity!

Blakes 7 Cast

Gareth Thomas .... Roj Blake
Glynis Barber .... Soolin
Jan Chappell .... Cally
Brian Croucher .... Travis
Paul Darrow .... Kerr Avon
Stephen Greif .... Travis
David Jackson .... Olag Gan
Michael Keating .... Vila Restal
Sally Knyvette .... Jenna Stannis
Steven Pacey .... Del Tarrant
Jacqueline Pearce .... Servalan
Josette Simon .... Dayna Melanby
Peter Tuddenham .... Orac / Slave / Zen

Blakes 7 Trivia:

Remarkably, Gareth Thomas has said that he has never watched even one episode of Blakes 7!

The adventures of Blakes 7 took place in the third century of the second calendar (whatever that means).

Gareth Thomas (Roj) and Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor on "Doctor Who") wanted to do a crossover between their two series by having "The Daleks" from Doctor Who be the invaders from the Andromeda galaxy at the end of the second season of Blakes 7 but the producers of both series didn't like the idea.
,br> The alien spacecraft that provided Roj Blake and his fellow prisoners to escape their prison ship was aptly named, "The Liberator".

You might remember that when Blake or one of the other crew members would walk through the passageway that led from one part of the ship to another, it sometimes seemed to go on forever! In reality, it was only twenty feet long so they would shoot a character walking along and then reposition them back at the beginning and continue shooting. There was also a "tee" at the end so they could make it appear like the passageway went off in different directions.

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