The Black Donnellys

The Black Donnellys Cast

Series Description

The Black Donnellys TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC about four Irish-American brothers who became wrapped up in the organized crime underworld of New York City's "Hell's Kitchen". The series also highlighted the competition between Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans for that area's opportunities to earn easy money.

The Black Donnellys Cast

Billy Lush .... Kevin Donnelly
Thomas Guiry .... Jimmy Donnelly
Michael Stahl-David .... Sean Donnelly
Jonathan Tucker .... Tommy Donnelly
Olivia Wilde .... Jenny Reilly
Keith Nobbs .... Joey Ice Cream
Kirk Acevedo .... Nicky Cottero

The Black Donnellys Trivia

There were seven episodes of the Black Donnellys TV show that were produced but were not broadcast on NBC however they were streamed at NBC's website. Their titles were: "God Is a Comedian", "In Each One a Savior", "All of Us Are in the Gutter", "When The Door Opens", "Wasn't That Enough?", "The Black Drop", and "Easy Is The Way".

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