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Billy the Exterminator was a 30-60 minute reality series on A&E that followed Billy Bretherton as he rid people of all types of pest infestations. While doing that he typically explained what drew the pests to a particular location and any diseases or other dangers that they bring with them. If you have a problem with any pesky animal from wasps to skunks to aligators or bobcats, Billy is the answer to your woes.

Billy the Exterminator Cast

Billy Bretherton
Donnie Bretherton
Rick Bretherton
Mary Bretherton

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Billy entered the U.S. Air Force seeking a career in law enforcement at age nineteen. When he took his entrance exam however, it showed that his abilities were geared more towards biology. He was sent to school to study that and entomology (the study of insects). Billy's company is named "Vexcon Animal and Pest Control" located in Benton, Louisiana.

Billy the Exterminator is a "spinoff" of the series, "Dirty Jobs". Billy appeared on that series' eighth episode, "Vexon" and its twenty-eighth episode, "Termite Controller".

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