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Series Description

The Billy TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a Scottish college professor named Billy MacGregor who was teaching at a California college when he was notified that his visa had expired and he was about to be deported. One of his students named Mary Springer told him that she desperatly needed to rent out her basement apartment in order to support herself and her three kids. Getting married solved both Billy and Mary's two biggest problems and also created an atmosphere for comedy!

Billy Cast

Billy Connolly .... Billy MacGregor
Marie Marshall .... Mary Springer MacGregor
Johnny Galecki .... David Springer
Natanya Ross .... Laura Springer
Clara Bryant .... Annie Springer
Mary Gross .... Phoebe
Kathy Wagner .... Giselle
Peter Vogt .... Norman
Maureen Mueller .... Shana

Billy Theme Song

Title: "I've Told Every Little Star"

By: "Jerome Kern" and "Oscar Hammerstein II"

I've told every little star
Just how sweet I think you are
Why haven't I told you

I've told ripples in a brook
Made my heart an open book
Why haven't I told you

Friends ask me am I in love
I always answer yes
Might as well confess
If I don't they guess

Maybe you may know it too
Oh my darling if you do
Why haven't you told me

Billy Trivia

The Billy TV show was a "spinoff" of the series, "Head of the Class" where Billy McGregor had been a substitute History Teacher at Filmore High School in Manhattan. He moved across the U.S. to a teaching position in California after Filmore High was torn down. Billy MacGregor had a plant that he named, "Ringo".

The Billy theme song, "I've Told Every Little Star", was a hit pop song from 1932!

One thing that probably didn't help the Billy TV show very much was that ABC moved it from Friday to Saturday night beginning with episode #8 and then changed its Saturday time slot two more times over the remaining five episodes! That makes it kind of hard for a series to build an audience.

Billy's initial time slot was a pretty good one too. The series aired at 9:30PM on Friday following "Family Matters" at 8:00, "Step by Step" at 8:30, and "Perfect Strangers" at 9:00!

The Billy theme song, "I've Told Every Little Star", was a hit pop song from 1932!

Billy Connolly is a very funny guy but he also has a serious side. He spent some time in the British military reserves as a paratrooper. In 2001, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Glasgow. In 2003 he was appointed as a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire)!

Mary's agreeing to marry Billy may seem like an extreme solution to their problems but she did have a list of conditions that she expected Billy to obey. He had to agree to remain in the basement. There would also no pets, no smoking, no drinking, and absolutely no romance or sex. Their marriage would be on paper only!

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