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The Big Love TV show is a 60 minute drama series on HBO about a fundamentalist Mormon family who practice polygamy against the laws of both the United States and the Mormon church. They live a loving life together with the three wives relatively happy in their situation and the children are well adjusted. They have the typical relationship problems like a "normal" family and they also have other problems that are atypical like hiding their illegal lifestyle from the church and the law, jealousy problems with three wives sharing one husband, and dealing with their backstabing, corrupt relatives. The attraction to this series is that while most viewers will disagree strongly with the lifestyle, you can't help but like the characters including the polygamist husband! In all ways except the polygamy, they are decent, moral human beings that dearly love each other.

Big Love Cast

Bill Paxton .... Bill Henrickson
Jeanne Tripplehorn .... Barb Henrickson
Chloe Sevigny .... Nicki Henrickson
Ginnifer Goodwin .... Margene Henrickson
Amanda Seyfried .... Sarah Henrickson
Douglas Smith .... Ben Henrickson
Matt Ross .... Alby Grant
Shawn Doyle .... Joey Henrickson
Melora Walters .... Wanda Henrickson
Grace Zabriskie .... Lois Henrickson
Bruce Dern .... Frank Harlow
Mireille Enos .... Jodeen Marquart / Kathy Marquart
Harry Dean Stanton .... Roman Grant
Mary Kay Place .... Adaleen Grant
Tina Majorino .... Heather Tuttle
Joel McKinnon Miller .... Don Embry
Daveigh Chase .... Rhonda Volmer
Luke Askew .... Hollis S. Green
Kyle Gallner .... Jason Embry

Big Love Theme Song

Title: "God Only Knows" (Seasons 1-3)

Performed By: "The Beach Boys"

I may not always love you
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it

God only knows what I'd be without you

If you should ever leave me
Though life would still go on believe me
The world could show nothing to me
So what good would living do me
God only knows what I'd be without you

Title: "Home" (Season 4)

Performed By: "Engineers"

Is this my home
Been starting over
Bathe in the water

(After an instrumental interlude, the above lyrics repeat two more times)

Big Love Trivia

Big Love co-creators and executive producers Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer took nearly three years to research polygamy prior to beginning production. Their decision to present polygamy in a balance, non-judmental manner is undoubtedly what led to the success of the series. The Big Love series got a great kick start when it was scheduled to premiere immediately following the sixth season premiere of HBO's hit series, "The Sopranos".

Bill Henrickson, his three wives, and their nine kids don't all live together in the same house. Each wife has her own home where she lives with her own children. The three houses are located right next to each other with Bill spending his nights rotating between the three. There is actually a schedule of which house Bill sleeps in (and which wife he sleeps with) each night. The wives are only minimally jealous of that arrangement but if for any reason a wife gets "cheated" out of her turn, then angers can flare!

The Henrickson's three fictional homes are set in Sandy, Utah which is a suburb located approximately 13 miles SSE of downtown Salt Lake City. In real life, the outside of the homes are actually filmed in Fillmore, California on Shady Lane.

The scenes at Bill Henrickson's "Home Plus" store are shot in Downey, California ath the "All American Home Center".

The indoor scenes and many of the other outdoor scenes are filmed in Valencia, California at the "Santa Clarita Studios".

Big Love stars Amanda Seyfried (Sarah Henrickson), Tina Majorino (Heather Tuttle), and Kyle Gallner (Jason Embry) were all regular Cast on the 2004-2007 series, "Veronica Mars".

Bill's first wife, Barb Henrickson, was his only wife for a while and didn't realize when she married Bill that he would eventually decide to live a polygamous lifestyle. She was reluctant but agreed because she loved Bill enough to go along. While she has never come to fully accept the new lifestyle, she does love her sister wives and their kids. As first wife, Barb runs the family life. This sometimes causes arguments with the other two wives who feel that they should have more to say. In general though, they get along as well as any two adults who share their lives. Nicki Henrickson, the middle wife, is the one who causes the most trouble in the family due to the fact that she is the only wife who grew up on the polygamist compound so she often sees life much differently than the other two wives.

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