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The Biggest Loser TV show is a competition reality series on NBC with episodes that have varied in length from sixty to 120. It features "weight-challenged" individuals who compete to try and lose more pounds than the other contestants. The one who pulls that off wins a $250,000 prize! Each week, the two contestants who lose the least weight must face a vote by the other players with one of them being sent home. Just like in other competitive shows, the one who did the worst is not always the one to be voted off. Sometimes a player who is disliked or seen as a greater threat is sent packing.

Biggest Loser Cast

Caroline Rhea .... Host (2005)
Alison Sweeney .... Host (2006-)
Bob Harper .... Trainer (2005-)
Jillian Michaels .... Trainer (2005-)
Cara Castronuova .... Trainer (2011-)
Brett Hoebel .... Trainer (2011-)
Dolvett Quince .... Trainer (2011-)
Rob Huizenga .... Physician (2009-2013)
Sandy Krum .... Medic (2008-2012)
J.D. Roth .... Narrator (2005-2009)
Kim Lyons .... Trainer (2007)

Biggest Loser Winners

Season 1, 2004: Ryan Benson
Season 2, 2005: Matt Hoover
Season 3, 2006: Erik Chopin
Season 4, 2007: Bill Germanakos
Season 5, 2008: Ali Vincent
Season 6, 2008: Michelle Aguilar
Season 7, 2009: Helen Phillips
Season 8, 2009: Danny Cahill
Season 9, 2010: Michael Ventrella
Season 10, 2010: Patrick House
Season 11, 2011: Olivia Ward
Season 12, 2011: John Rhode
Season 13, 2012: Jeremy Britt
Season 14, 2013: Danni Allen
Season 15, 2014: Rachel Frederickson
Season 16, 2014: Toma Dobrosavljevic

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