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Being Human Cast

Series Description

Being Human is a 60 minute fantasy series that premiered January 17, 2011 on Syfy and aired for 52 episodes over four seasons. It was about three young adults who live together in Boston and try to live as normally as possible despite the fact that they are a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf.

Being Human Cast

Sam Witwer .... Aidan Waite (2011-)
Meaghan Rath .... Sally Malik (2011-)
Kristen Hager .... Nora Sargeant (2011-)
Sam Huntington .... Josh Levison (2011-)
Gianpaolo Venuta ... Danny (2011-2012)
Mark Pellegrino .... James Bishop (2011-)
Kyle Schmid .... Henry Durham (2012-)
Vincent Leclerc .... Marcus (2011)
Susanna Fournier ... Zoe Gonzales (2012-)
Sarah Allen .... Rebecca Flynt (2011)
Angela Galuppo .... Bridget (2011)
Robert Naylor .... Stevie Atkins (2012-)
Pat Kiely .... Nick Fenn (2011-)
Amy Aquino .... Donna Gilchrist (2013-)
Dichen Lachman .... Suren (2012)
Natalie Brown .... Julia (2012)

Being Human Trivia

This series is a Americanized version of a British series that is also titled, "Being Human". Being Human's cast and crew avoided watching the British version of the series which aired in the U.S. on BBC America until they completed production of the first season. While the storylines were very similar, they didn't want to be a carbon copy of the British version. The writers have stated that they intend to continue avoiding watching the British version because they intend to develop their own, unique storylines in the second season.

Sam Witwer's character Aiden the vampire was named after Irish actor Aidan Turner who played the vampire on the British series. That character's name was "Mitchell".

The Syfy channel had been aggressively seeking to attract more female viewers for several seasons prior to the premiere of Being Human. Apparently adding female characters and more drama/romance rather than just concentrating on violence and horror is working. Some estimates of the viewership of Being Human's second season is that as much as 52% of the audience was female!

There are advantages to being a vampire. Aidan Waite has been around for a while! He became a vampire more than 230 years earlier during the U.S. Revolutionary War and hasn't aged a day since!

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