Beggars And Choosers

Beggars and Choosers Cast

Series Description

The Beggars and Choosers TV was a 60 minute comedy series on Showtime that explored the behind-the-scenes activities at a struggling TV network that was just one step short of financial ruin. The President of the network tried his best to keep things afloat while his evil female Vice-President conspired behind his back in her efforts to take his job.

Beggars and Choosers Cast

Brian Kerwin .... Rob Malone
Tuc Watkins .... Malcolm Laffley
Sherri Saum .... Casey Lenox
Ben Bass .... Brian Peske
Kaj-Erik Eriksen .... Carey Malone
Colin Cunningham .... Herb Kolodny
Rudolf Martin .... Nicky Krasnakov
Klodyne Rodney .... Latitia Martinez (1999-2000)
Christina Hendricks .... Kelly Kramer (2000-2001)
Justin Carroll .... Nigel Gibney (2000-2001)

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