The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show

The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show Cast

Series Description

The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show was a 60 minute comedy series on NBC that featured monologues, skits, slapstick, and even elaborate musical-comedy extravaganzas! Of course, the main attraction was the satirical comedy of Phyllis Diller!

Beautiful Phyllis Diller Cast

Phyllis Diller
Norm Crosby
Rip Taylor
Dave Willock
Bob Jellison
Merryl Joy
The Curtain Calls
The Jack Regas Dancers
The Jack Elliott Orchestra

Beautiful Phyllis Diller Trivia

The Beautiful Phyllis Diller show had a pretty decent time slot during its short run. ABC and CBS were running the last half of movies and the series followed one of television's biggest hits of all time, "Bonanza"!

Phyllis Diller's main routine was joking about her pitiful personal life; her own bad looks; and her husband's lack of prowess, manners, romanticism, and just about anything else.

Each episode of the Beautiful Phyllis Diller show presented an elaborate production number in the style of the movies of the 1940s with large numbers of singers and dancers. They highlighted some lesser-remembered historical figure who Phyllis referred to as "The forgotten Americans".

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