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The Bay City Blues TV show was a 60 minute sports drama series on NBC about a minor league baseball team made up of young players who hoped to eventually make it to the major league and washed up major league players who couldn't bring themselves to give up on playing the game. The team hopped from one small town to another while several of the players also hopped from one bedroom to the other.

Bay City Blues Cast

Michael Nouri .... Joe Rohner
Kelly Harmon .... Sunny Hayward
Pat Corley .... Ray Holtz
Dennis Franz .... Angelo Carbone
Peter Jurasik .... Mitch Klein
Sharon Stone .... Cathy St. Marie
Ken Olin .... Rocky Padillo
Bernie Casey .... Thomas "Ozzie" Peoples
Perry Lang .... John "Frenchy" Nuckles
Patrick Cassidy .... Terry St. Marie
Larry Flash Jenkins .... Linwood "Linoleum" Scott
Michele Greene .... Judy Nuckles
Tony Spiridakis .... Lee Jacoby
Mykelti Williamson .... Dee Jay Cunningham
Jeff McCracken .... Vic Kresky
Sheree North .... Lynn Holtz
Kevin McCarthy .... George Hayward
Barry Tubb .... Mickey Wagner
Marco Rodriguez .... "Bird"

Bay City Blues Trivia

Three actors on Bay City Blues who were not yet famous when the series aired went on to much greater things! Sharon Stone went on to have a substantial movie career. Dennis Franz went on to co-star on two hit series, "Hill Street Blues" and "NYPD Blue". Dennis even got his own series titled, "Beverly Hills Buntz" which was a "spinoff" of "Hill Street Blues" but it only lasted nine episodes. Michelle Greene later appeared on the popular series, "L.A. Law". The Bay City Blues TV show was set in a middle-class town named, "Bay City, California". The baseball team was named, "The Bluebirds".

Bay City Blues may have been the most expensive series ever per episode aired! In addition to paying out a lot in salaries to the large cast, a baseball stadium was built for the series!

Four episodes of the Bay City Blues TV show were produced but were not originally broadcast. Their titles were, "Going, Going, Gone", "Look Homeward, Hayward", "Rocky IV-Eyes", and "Play It Again, Milt". Those episodes did air later on Sunday evenings after the late night news on NBC. Of course, in that time slot almost no one saw them!

Bay City Blues' ratings were simply horrible! ABC's hit series, "Hart to Hart" pretty much dominated its time slot.

There has never been a successful fictional baseball series on TV (as of the writing of this page in 2008).

The Bay City Blues TV show did have a few television "firsts". One of the macho ball players was a bed wetter and bare butts were shown in scenes of the locker room.

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