Barter Kings

Barter Kings Cast

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Barter Kings is a reality series on A&E that aired two 30 minute episodes, one after the other each week in the first season and then one 60 minute episode weekly thereafter. It is about two guys who compete with each other to see who can trade up from a relatively inexpensive item to a very valuable one better than the other guy can. In the second season they get some more competition from a Barter Queen!

Barter Kings Cast

Antonio Palazzola
Steve McHugh
Kendall-Leigh Neuner

Barter Kings Opening Narrative

All across America people have found a way to get what they want without spending a dime,

Because in this economy, bartering is on the rise becoming a 12 billion dollar industry.

We trade for a living. We start with something small and trade up to something amazing.

Closing the deal takes skill and strategy but not every trade goes down like we planned it.

But together, we always come out on top. We are the Barter Kings!

(Then a shortened version of the Bachman Turner Overdrive song "Taking Care of Business" plays)

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