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The Barbary Coast TV show was a 60 minute action series on ABC which took place on San Francisco's Barbary Coast during the 1870s. An undercover agent and master of diguise (William Shatner) chased criminals, usually with help from his casino owner "friend" (Doug McClure).

The Barbary Coast Cast

William Shatner .... Jeff Cable
Doug McClure .... Cash Conover / Dennis Cole In The Pilot
Richard Kiel .... Moose Moran
Dave Turner .... Thumbs

The Barbary Coast Trivia

In addition to his role on The Barbary Coast, most William Shatner fans are familiar with his starring roles on

"Star Trek", "T.J. Hooker", "Boston Legal" and "$#*! My Dad Says". Very few, however, realize that Shatner's second acting job was as "Ranger Bob" on the 1950s children's series, "The Howdy Doody Show"!

Barbary Coast refered to a one square mile area of San Francisco, California, an area filled with rather "seedy" characters involved in numerous criminal activities.

Jeff Cable was the undercover agent who worked directly for the Governor of California.

Cash Cole was the owner of the "Golden Gate" casino. He came to own the casino by winning a game of poker.

Jeff Cable could always convince Cash Cole to help him pursue criminals because he had once saved Cole's life. Cole was never eager to help but simply couldn't refuse.

Barbary Coast didn't even last one full season. It had some pretty strong competition. For its first 4 episodes on Monday nights, it was up against "Rhoda (1974)" and "The Invisible Man (1975)". Then it was moved to Friday against "M*A*S*H (1972)", "Sanford & Son (1972)" and "Chico and the Man (1974)".

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