Bakersfield, P.D.

Bakersfield, P.D. Cast

Series Description

The Bakersfield, P.D. TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network. It was about a detective on the Washington, D.C. police force who moved to a town called Bakersfield and found himself as the first black cop on a small town police department. He also found himself to be the only one who wasn't a nutcase, an idiot, or both!

Bakersfield, P.D. Cast

Ron Eldard .... Detective Wade Preston
Giancarlo Esposito .... Detective Paul Gigante
Chris Mulkey .... Denny Boyer
Tony Plana .... Luke Ramirez
Jack Hallett .... Captain Renny Stiles
Brian Doyle-Murray .... Sergeant Bill Hampton

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