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Bachelor Pad is a two hour reality TV show on ABC where nineteen former contestants from the hit series, "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" live together in the Bachelor Pad and compete in challenges in an attempt to win the $25,000 grand prize. At the end of each of the six - two hour episodes, some of the contestants are evicted from the Bachelor Pad. The competitions afford each of them an opportunity to win immunity from eviction that week and win a "get-away" with other contestants of their choosing. Of course, the main attractions of the show are the inevitable hookups and the drama between those contestants that despise each other. Hopefully some of the contestants will find the everlasting love that they were denied before but there is definitely a healthy mix of all emotions including love, hate, jealousy, happiness, sadness, and even maybe fear in the Bachelor Pad!

Bachelor Pad Cast


Chris Harrison
Melissa Rycroft (Season 1)

NOTE: The number after contestant's names is the episode in which they were eliminated.

Season 1:

David Good (Co-Winner)
Natalie Getz (Co-Winner)
Tenley Molzahn (6)
Elizabeth Kitt (6)
Jesse Kovacs (6)
Kiptyn Locke (6)
Ashley Elmore (5)
Gwen Gioia (5)
Nikki Kaapke (5)
Peyton Wright (5)
Jesse Beck (5)
Krisily Kennedy (4)
Wes Hayden (4)
Gia Allemand (3)
Jonathan Novack (3)
Jessie Sulidis (2)
Craig McKinnon (2)
Michelle Kujawa (1)
Juan Barbieri (1)

Season 2:

Holly Durst (Co-Winner)
Michael Stagliano (Co-Winner)
Michelle Money (6)
Graham Bunn (6)
Vienna Girardi (6)
Kasey Kahl (6)
Ella Nolan (6)
Kirk DeWindt (6)
Blake Julian (5)
Erica Rose (5)
William Holman (4)
Melissa Schreiber (4)
Jake Pavelka (3)
Ames Brown (2) (Quit)
Gia Allemand (2) (Quit)
Jackie Gordon (2)
Alli Travis (1)
Justin Rego (1)

Season 3:

Nick Peterson (Winner)
Rachel Trueheart (8)
Chris Bukowski (8)
Sarah Easton (8)
Ed Swiderski (7)
Jaclyn Swartz (7)
Tony Pieper (7)
Blakeley Jones (7)
Kalon McMahon (6)
Lindzi Cox (6)
Michael Stagliano (5)
Erica Rose (5)
David Mallet (4)
Jamie Otis (4)
Donna Zitelli (3)
Reid Rosenthal (3)
Ryan Hoag (2)
Brittany and Erica Taltos (2) (Quit)
Pagie Vigil (1)
Chris Bain (1)

Bachelor Pad Trivia

Some of the immunity and date challenges will be based on the most memorable things that happened previously on "The Bachelor" or on The Bachelorette.

Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison was a sportscaster at KWTV in Oklahoma City after attending Oklahoma City University on a soccer scholarship. He moved to Los Angeles, California after a trip there to audition for a horseracing network. Before becoming the host of The Bachelor, Chris also hosted a game show on the Game Show Network titled, "Mall Masters" in 2000 that was taped at the Mall of America, a 4.2 million square foot shopping mall located in Bloomington, Minnesota. In 2001 Chris hosted a horse racing show on the USA network titled, "The Quarters" where viewers were informed of track conditions and other tips to help them in placing wagers.

Just in case you're not aware, Bachelor Pad co-host Melissa Rycroft was the recipient of the final rose from Jason Mesnick on the thirteenth season of The Bachelor. After the show, however, Jason decided that he had made a mistake and left Melissa for her runner-up Molly Malaney who he eventually married. Melissa recovered just fine, however. She appeared on the show, "Dancing With the Stars" and came in third place and she got a job as a special correspondent on "Good Morning America" before landing her hosting gig on Bachelor Pad!

Whether you like Wes Hayden, one of the bachelorette's most infamous characters or not, there's no denying that his attitude about the show being a farce is shared by many viewers and critics. When asked in late 2009 how he felt about Jake Pavelka telling Jillian that Wes had a girlfriend back home Wes said, "I hope he finds somebody and gets married because that show is full of sh-t. One marriage in 18 seasons? I mean, come on"! "Call me old fashioned and say that my moral compass is off, but is it okay for one woman to make out with 30 guys and in eight weeks dwindle it down to someone she is going to spend the rest of her life with"? He also said that he hoped that Jake would find true love as the next season's Bachelor but he doubted it could happen. And he was right, despite the fact that they appeared so much in love on the show. Of course, hoping that the season will end in a marriage is only one attraction of the show. The interactions between young people looking for love and the competitiveness and jealousy and travel and romance, etc. makes the Bachelor and its "spinoffs" more than worth watching to many fans!

Season three ended with two huge surprises! First, Tony Pieper proposed to his partner Blakeley Jones. Then during the final moments after Rachel and Nick were voted by the other contestants to be the final couple, Rachel chose to share the $250,000 grand prize with Nick. That was pretty much expected since both couples who won in the first two seasons agreed to share the money. But then came Nick's turn and he chose to "KEEP" the money! To say the least, Rachel was shocked to learn that she would receive nothing for winning the season! The majority of the other contestants felt very bad for her but the audience applauded Nick wildly! That reaction clearly stunned both Chris Harrison and the other contestants! This absolutely made it clear that while Bachelor Pad is a competitive game and is seen that way by outsiders, the host and the contestants become emotionally involved to the point where they often forget that fact. Nick pointed out that throughout each season everyone talks about winning the $250,000 and no one says they want to win $125,000. Clearly, the reason the audience enthusiastically applauded Nick is because he's the first finalist who seemed to be able to remain "in the game" all the way to the end!

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