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The Bachelor Father TV show was a comedy series about a rich Hollywood attorney who represented many beautiful single women. He became a "bachelor father" when his 13-year-old niece's parents were killed in an automobile accident. He was her guardian and, of course, he had no idea whatsoever of how to deal with raising a teenager.

Bachelor Father Cast

John Forsythe .... Bentley Gregg
Noreen Corcoran .... Kelly Gregg
Sammee Tong .... Peter Tong
Bernadette Withers .... Ginger Farrell / Loomis / Mitchell
Jimmy Boyd .... Howard Meechim
Del Moore .... Cal Mitchell
Evelyn Scott .... Adelaide Mitchell
Sue Ane Langdon .... Kitty Marsh

Bachelor Father Trivia

Uncle Bentley and his niece Kelly lived in an upscale Beverly Hills apartment along with their oriental houseboy Peter Tong and their shaggy dog named Jasper. By the end of Bachelor Father, Kelly had graduated from high school, attending college and was engaged to be married. The TV show ended, however, before her marriage could take place.

During the five year run of Bachelor Father, Bentley Gregg went through five different secretaries.

Actress Linda Evans appeared on this TV show on one episode of Bachelor Father as one of Kelly's girlfriends. Years later she would star on the TV show, "Dynasty (1981)" as the wife of co-star John Forsythe (Uncle Bentley)!

Even if you never saw Bachelor Father, you still may be familiar with some of John Forsythe's other work including starring roles on later TV series including, "The John Forsythe Show" (1965), "To Rome With Love (1969)", "Charlie's Angels (1976)" (As the voice of Charlie), and "Dynasty (1981)".

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