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The Bachelor Cast

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The Bachelor TV show is a 60 minute dating reality series on ABC where 25 women are put together with one eligible bachelor in an effort to find true love during the season. Via a series of dates, events, and other meetings, the bachelor eliminates the woman each week that he feels is the least likely to make a good match.

The Bachelor Cast

Chris Harrison .... Host

Season 1:

Alex Michel - The Bachelor
Amanda Marsh - Bachelorette Winner

Season 2:

Aaron Buerge - The Bachelor
Helene Eksterowicz - Bachelorette Winner

Season 3:

Andrew Firestone - The Bachelor
Jen Schefft - Bachelorette Winner

Season 4:

Bob Guiney - The Bachelor
Estella Gardinier - Bachelorette Winner

Season 5:

Jesse Palmer - The Bachelor
Jessica Bowlin - Bachelorette Winner

Season 6:

Byron Velvick - The Bachelor
Mary Delgado - Bachelorette Winner

Season 7:

Charlie O'Connell - The Bachelor
Sarah Brice - Bachelorette Winner

Season 8:

Travis Stork - The Bachelor
Sarah Stone - Bachelorette Winner

Season 9:

Prince Lorenzo Borghese - The Bachelor
Jennifer Wilson - Bachelorette Winner

Season 10:

Andrew "Andy" Baldwin - The Bachelor
Tessa Horst - Bachelorette Winner

Season 11:

Brad Womack - The Bachelor
No Bachelorette Winner, No Final Rose

Season 12:

Matt Grant - The Bachelor
Shayne Lamas - Bachelorette Winner

Season 13:

Jason Mesnick - The Bachelor
Melissa Rycroft - Bachelorette Winner

Season 14:

Jake Pavelka - The Bachelor
Vienna Girardi - Bachelorette Winner

Season 15:

Brad Womack - The Bachelor
Emily Maynard - Bachelorette Winner

Season 16:

Ben Flajnik - The Bachelor
Courtney Robertson - Bachelorette Winner

Season 17:
Sean Lowe - The Bachelor
Catherine Giudici - Bachelorette Winner

Season 18:
Juan Pablo Galavis - The Bachelor
Nikki Ferrell - Bachelorette Winner

Season 18:
Juan Pablo Galavis - The Bachelor
Nikki Ferrell - Bachelorette Winner

Season 19:
Chris Soules - The Bachelor
Whitney Bischoff - Bachelorette Winner

Season 20:
Ben Higgins - The Bachelor
Lauren Bushnell - Bachelorette Winner

Season 21:
Nick Viall - The Bachelor
Vanessa Grimaldi - Bachelorette Winner

Season 22:
Arie Luyendyk - The Bachelor
Becca Kufrin - Bachelorette Winner

Season 23:
Colton Underwood - The Bachelor
Cassie Randolph - Bachelorette Winner

Season 24:
Peter Weber - The Bachelor
Hannah Ann Sluss - Bachelorette Winner

Season 25:
Matt James - The Bachelor
Rachael Kirkconnell - Bachelorette Winner

The Bachelor Trivia

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison was a sportscaster at KWTV in Oklahoma City after attending Oklahoma City University on a soccer scholarship. He moved to Los Angeles, California after a trip there to audition for a horseracing network. Before becoming the host of The Bachelor, Chris also hosted a game show on the Game Show Network titled, "Mall Masters" in 2000 that was taped at the Mall of America, a 4.2 million square foot shopping mall located in Bloomington, Minnesota. In 2001 Chris hosted a horse racing show on the USA network titled, "The Quarters" where viewers were informed of track conditions and other tips to help them in placing wagers. The Bachelor has inspired two "spinoff series", "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad".

Typically, at the end of each episode the Bachelor hands out roses to all but one of the women and she is sent away in a limosine. On a few occasions, however, the bachelor has decided that he wanted to send more than one woman home and withheld more than one rose. The same thing has occured a few times where the bachelor takes two women on a date and was supposed to eliminate one of them but instead decided to eliminate both. Brad Womack on the eleventh season of the Bachelor didn't select either of the women at his final rose ceremony, leaving many fans very disappointed. Jason Mesnick, just two seasons later, actually proposed to Melissa Rycroft (who went on to co-host "The Bachelor Pad") and then changed his mind at the "After the Final Rose" episode! He decided instead that he was really in love with his season's runner-up, Molly Malaney, and they went on to get married on a special televised episode titled, "Jason and Molly's Wedding".

Jason and Molly aren't the only couple to meet through the Bachelor and its spinoffs. The first wedding was between Trista Rehn who had failed to find love on the first season of The Bachelor but then went on to become The Bachelorette and married her final rose bachelor, Ryan Sutter, also on a televised ceremony. On the fourth season of the Bachelor, Bob Guiney (who had also been rejected on The Bachelorette and then became The Bachelor) gave Extella Gardinier his final rose and a promise ring rather than an engagement ring. That was probably due to the fact that he was already pursuing Rebecca Budig at the time. He had met Rebecca through the show as she hosted the wrap up episode titled, "Aaron and Helene Tell All" that aired after the second season and she also hosted repeats of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette on ABC's Family Channel. Rebecca is an actress who is best known for her starring role as Greenlee Smythe on the daytime soap opera, "All My Children". Bob and Rebecca got married on July 3, 2004 in a small, fifty person ceremony at Bob's parent's home.

Out of the first 14 seasons of the Bachelor, 7 bachelors proposed marriage at the final rose ceremony and while most of those couple dated and/or lived together for a while, no marriages took place.

There was an additional romantic success in season seventeen! Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici and then were married on television on January 26, 2014!

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