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Babylon 5 Crusade Cast

Series Description

The Babylon 5 Crusade TV show was a sci-fi series where the Earth is infected with a biological weapon that will kill everyone on the planet within five years. Earth's scientists realize that they have no hope of developing a cure within that time period. As a last hope, the starship Excalibur staffed by a team of soldiers and scientists is sent to search the ruins of advanced alien civilizations for an answer to Earth's dilemna.

Babylon 5 Crusade Cast

Gary Cole .... Captain Matthew Gideon / The Apocalypse Box
Tracy Scoggins .... Captain Elizabeth Lochley
Daniel Dae Kim .... Lieutenant John Matheson
Peter Woodward .... Technomage Galen
David Allen Brooks .... IPX Doctor Max Eilerson
Marjean Holden .... Medical Officer Sarah Chambers, M.D.
Alex Mendoza .... Pilot Trace Miller
Carrie Dobro .... Dureena Nafeel

Babylon 5 Crusade Trivia

Babylon 5 Crusade is a "spin-off" of the series, "Babylon 5".

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