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The Baby Borrowers Cast

Series Description

The Baby Borrowers TV show was a 60 minute reality series on NBC about five couples ranging in age from 18 to 20 who are assigned to jobs and given babies that they must care for as parents for three days. Then the babies are replaced with toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and elderly (children) so they see what it's like to be a parent and care for your own parents in their old age. In addition to all of that, they also had to take care of cleaning their home and all of the other responsibilities of adulthood. It's amazing how soon the young people's attitude about how easy adults have it changed once they were given the responsibilities that come with that stage of life.

The Baby Borrowers Cast

Craig Zimmerman .... Narrator
Xavier Amador .... Psychologist
Dave Schaich .... Psychologist

The Teen Couples:

Jordan Cameron & Sasha Anderson
Daton Morris & Morgan Mitchell
Cory Davila & Alicea Davis
Sean Graham & Kelsey Lampan
Austin Trizzino & Kelly Young

The Baby Borrowers Trivia

This U.S. version of the Baby Borrowers reality series was a spinoff of the BBC series of the same name that aired during the previous season. Promotional ads for the Baby Borrowers actually said, "It's not TV, it's birth control"!

A professional nanny in the presence of each couples baby and toddler on the Baby Borrowers 24/7 to ensure the safety of the children. The nannys did not assist the couples in any way unless they felt a child was in danger or being abused or neglected in any way.

The parents who volunteered their children for the show also stayed in a house right across the street from the couple with their child and were able to watch everything live via surveillance cameras throughout the house. They were allowed to intervene at any time they felt their child needed them to be there.

An update special hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky revealed that all ten of the teens had decided that they had no intentions of having children in the near future. For several of them, that was a huge change in attitude. Before the show began, many of them felt that they would have no trouble raising a baby.

Two children's advocacy groups, "The Natural Child Project" and "The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry" expressed concern for the babies and toddlers on the show with the second group even formally asking NBC to pull the show off the air. They both felt that young children could suffer emotional stress from being suddenly removed from the care of their parents. The kids would not have the capability of understanding that the situation was temporary. The original BBC series had also received similar criticism. These concerns are probably the main reason that no further seasons of this show have been forthcoming.

The parents of the children were also attacked for their perceived thoughlessness. NBC actually produced an online forum where they could defend themselves from the attacks and give their reasons for participating. They also were able to advertise the fact that they were watching everything as it happened and about the nannys in attendance at all times.

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