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Series Description

Avonlea was a 60 minute family drama series on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in Canada and the Disney Channel in the United States. It centered on the life of a pre-teen girl who is sent to live with her mother's family on their farm named Avonlea in the early 1900s after her mom passed away. Her mother had not spoken to her family for years so that made things a bit strained for poor Sara when she first arrived.

Avonlea Cast

Sarah Polley .... Sara Stanley (1990-1996)
Jackie Burroughs .... Hetty King (1990-1996)
Cedric Smith .... Uncle Alec King (1990-1996)
Mag Ruffman .... Aunt Olivia Dale (1990-1996)
Lally Cadeau .... Aunt Janet King (1990-1996)
Zachary Bennett .... Felix King (1990-1996)
Gema Zamprogna .... Felicity King (1990-1996)
Harmony Cramp .... Cecily King (1990-1994)
Elva Mai Hoover .... Mrs. Lawson (1990-1994)
Ryan Floyd .... Baby Daniel (1992-1996)
Alex Floyd .... Baby Daniel (1992-1996)
Maja Ardal .... Mrs. Potts (1990-1996)
Michael Mahonen .... Gus Pike (1990-1996)
Patricia Hamilton .... Rachel Lynde (1990-1996)

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