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Auction Kings is a 30 minute reality series on the Discovery Channel about the unusual items that come up for sale at the Gallery 63 auction house in Atlanta, Georgia. The staff at Gallery 63 do their best to determine the true value of an item, get the seller's asking price if possible by aggressively seeking out potential bidders, determine the authenticity of an item and Delfino Ramos even often has to repair something that comes in broken. In addition to contacting potential bidders, Cindy Shook tags and catalogs each item that comes in for auction. Jon Hammond often goes out to check out larger items that people want to sell in order to ensure that they are worthy of the price the seller wants.

Auction Kings Cast

Paul Brown (The owner of Gallery 63 auction house)
Cindy Shook (The auction manager)
Jon Hammond (The picker and assistant manager)
Delfino Ramos (The handyman)

Auction Kings Opening Narrative

I'm Paul Brown and auctions are in my blood.
I was raised in an auction house and now I've got my own place ... Gallery 63.
Cindy's my office manager, Jon's my picker and Delfino can fix anything so we can sell it.

Whether the pieces come to us or we go to them, fascinating items come in every day.
And we auction them off to the highest bidder.
We take our commission and the seller gets the rest.

You never know what could bring big bucks or big disappointment.
And it ain't over 'til you hear ... sold, sold, sold ... you bought it!

Auction Kings Trivia

Paul Brown grew up watching his dad run his own auction house. Paul wasn't initially interested in the business but eventually changed his mind and went to work for dad in 1989. Then, in 2005 he couldn't resist the opportunity to purchase Gallery 63 when it came up for sale.

Gallery 63 is not your typical auction house! Some of the more unusual items they've auctioned off include a vampire hunting kit, a mirror owned by Napoleon, a Wooly Mammoth tusk, a Cadillac owned by Elvis Presley, a letter written by Albert Einstein, a giant Bat skeleton and a decked-out replica of the Delorean automobile in the movie "Back to the Future".

Cindy met Paul in the early 1990s when they worked together at Paul's father's auction house.

When Jon Hammond got his position as Gallery 63's assistant manager, almost 100 other people also applied for the job!

Gallery 63 auction house is located on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Georgia which is just north of Atlanta's city limits.

Delfino Ramos has worked for Paul since he bought Gallery 63. It's pretty amazing how he can get just about anything broken to work. Paul has often said, "If Delfino can't fix it, no one can".

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