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Atlantis High Cast

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The Atlantis High TV show was a 30 minute New Zealand teen comedy series on Network Five that centered on a 16-year-old boy named Giles who moved to a town named Sunset Cove that appeared to be every teenager's dream! It was on the ocean with lots of sunshine, bikinis and surfing. To his dismay, upon enrolling in Atlantis High School he discovered that the town and his school were full of weirdos including students with blue hair and pointed ears! That was tame, however, compared to the secret agents, aliens and superheroes!

Atlantis High Cast

Michael Wesley-Smith .... Giles Gordon
Elizabeth McGlinn .... Octavia Vermont
Todd Emerson .... Beanie
Laura Wilson .... Jet Marigold
Lee Donaghue .... Josh Montana
Joanne Mildenhall .... Dorothy Gordon
Ray Henwood .... Commander Vermont
Lucy Gamble .... Sophie May
Loren Horsely .... Sabrina Georgia
Victoria Spence .... Antonia / Anthony / Rodriguez
Martyn Sanderson .... Grandpa Gordon
Jane Waddell .... Mrs. Vermont
Ken Blackburn .... Mr. Dorsey
Richard Lambeth .... Coach Shane
Miriama Smith .... Vita
Robyn Malcolm .... Violet Profusion
Megan Alatini .... Dr. Leggz
Tom McCrory .... Lew Siffer
James Ordish .... Inner Child
Bevin Linkhorn .... Don

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