As Time Goes By

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As Time Goes By Cast

Series Description

The As Time Goes By TV show was a 30 minute British comedy series about two people who were lovers during the Korean war who meet years later and reunite their love.


Judi Dench .... Jean Pargetter/Hardcastle
Geoffrey Palmer .... Lionel Hardcastle
Moira Brooker .... Judith "Judy" Hanson/Deacon
Philip Bretherton .... Alistair Deacon
Jenny Funnell .... Sandy
Paul Chapman .... Stephen (Series 2-10) (1993-2005)
Moyra Fraser .... Penny (Series 2-10) (1993-2005)
Janet Henfrey .... Mrs. Bale (Series 2-10) (1993-2005)
David Michaels .... Harry (Series 6-9) (1997-2002)
Daniel Ryan .... Harry (Series 10) (2005)
Frank Middlemass .... Rocky Hardcastle (Series 2-10) (1993-2005)
Joan Sims .... Madge Darbley/Hardcastle (Series 3-7) (1994-1998)
Tim Wylton .... Lol Ferris (Series 5-9) (1996-2002)

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