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Army Wives Cast

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Army Wives is a 60 minute drama series on Lifetime about four Army wives and one Army husband and the common bond they share dealing with the daily life and challenges of a military spouse. Sometimes that bond is a tenuous one as each of the spouses has personal issues that they either can't talk about, are ashamed to reveal or actually aren't allowed to discuss. Denise Sherwood has an overly strict, "by the book" husband and a very angry son to deal with. Claudia Holden's husband is a Colonel so she often gets involved in military politics as it relates to the families of her husband's men and of his superiors. Roxy LeBlanc took a bartending job at a bar that is known as a "Jody Bar" which means that civilian men go there to "hook up" with lonely military wives with husbands who are overseas. She needed the job to supplement her low-ranking husband's salary but few in the Army are understanding of her choice. Pamela Moran becomes pregnant with twins as a surrogate mother in order to get out of debt while her husband regularly goes off on top secret missions. Roland Burton's wife Lieutenant Colonel Joan Burton has returned from Afghanistan and is having trouble relating to life back in the States and life as a wife. Roland must be understanding of what his wife may have experienced in the war zone but it is often almost too difficult to withstand.

Army Wives Cast

Catherine Bell .... Denise Sherwood (2007-)
Kim Delaney .... Claudia Joy Holden (2007-)
Wendy Davis .... Joan Burton (2007-)
Sally Pressman .... Roxanne "Roxy" Marie LeBlanc (2007-)
Drew Fuller .... Trevor LeBlanc (2007-)
Sterling K. Brown .... Roland Burton (2007-)
Brian McNamara .... Michael James Holden (2007-)
Terry Serpico .... Frank Sherwood (2007-)
Brigid Brannagh .... Pamela Moran (2007-)
John White Jr. .... Finn (2007-)
Katelyn Pippy .... Emmalin Jane Holden (2008-)
Luke Bartelme .... T.J. (2007-2010)
Jeremy Davidson .... Chase Moran (2007-2011)
Richard Bryant .... Jeremy Sherwood (2007-)
Jake Johnson .... Lucas (2007-2010)
Chloe Taylor .... Katharine "Katie" Eileen Moran (2007-2010)

Army Wives Trivia

While the setting for Army Wives is at Fort Marshall at the Charleston Naval Base in South Carolina, that location is totally fictional. There are so many things that Fort Marshall has in common with the real-life Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina that it's assumed that is what Fort Marshall is based on. It's also likely that the 23rd Airborne Division on the show is based on the real-life 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg.

Army Wives is based on a 2006 book written by Tanya Biank and titled "Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives".

Lifetime was thrilled with the series premiere of Army Wives. It got more viewers than any other series premiere in Lifetime's 23 years on the air!

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