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Are You Being Served? Cast

Series Description

The Are You Being Served TV show was a 30 minute British comedy series on BBC1 about the crazy mishaps by the staff of the men's and ladie's clothing departments in a London, England department store.

Are You Being Served Cast

Mollie Sugden .... Betty Slocombe
Frank Thornton .... Stephen Peacock
John Inman .... Claiborne Wilberforce Humphries
Wendy Richard .... Shirley Brahms
Nicholas Smith .... Cuthbert Rumbold
Trevor Bannister .... James Lucas
Arthur Brough .... Ernest Grainger
Arthur English .... Beverly Harmon
Mike Berry .... Bert Spooner
Harold Bennett .... Young Mr. Grace
Vivienne Johnson .... Mr. Grace's Nurse
Penny Irving .... Miss Bakewell
Larry Martyn .... Mr. Mash
Doremy Vernon .... Canteen Manageress
Freddie Wiles .... Goddard
Candy Davis .... Miss Belfridge

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