Archer Characters

Series Description

The Archer TV show is a 30 minute animated, action-packed comedy series that premiered on January 14, 2010 on FX. The pilot episode aired a few months earlier on September 17, 2009. It is about an international spy organization named ISIS comprised of agents who royally mess everthing up. Sterling Archer is the worst of the bunch. His vanity and over-confidence are amazing considering that he works for his mommy and his codename is "Duchess"! By the way; this series while animated is not suitable for the kiddies!

Archer Characters


H. Jon Benjamin .... Sterling Archer
Aisha Tyler .... Lana Kane
Chris Parnell .... Cyril Figgis
Jessica Walter .... Malory Archer
Adam Reed .... Ray Gillette
Lucky Yates .... Dr. Krieger
Judy Greer .... Cheryl
George Coe .... Woodhouse
Amber Nash .... Pam

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