Apple's Way

Apple's Way TV Show

Series Description

Apple's Way was a 60 minute family drama series on CBS about a Los Angeles, California architect who got fed up with the mind-numbing, fast-paced lifestyle of the big city. He decided to move his wife and four children to his peaceful midwestern hometown of Appleton, Iowa.

Apple's Way Cast

Ronny Cox .... George Apple
Lee McCain .... Barbara Apple
Vincent Van Patten .... Paul Apple
Patti Cohoon .... Cathy Apple
Frannie Michel .... Patricia Apple (First Season)
Kristy McNichol .... Patricia Apple (Second Season)
Eric Olson .... Steven Apple
Malcolm Atterbury .... Grandfather Aldon

Apple's Way Trivia

In case you wondered about the irony of George "Apple" coming from "Appleton" Iowa, it was no coincidence. George Apple's ancestors founded Appleton.

The Apple's Way TV show had almost no chance of success from the beginning. It was competing for an audience with another family series you may have heard of ... "The Wonderful World of Disney"!

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