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Anything But Love Cast

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The Anything But Love TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a man and a woman who worked together at a Chicago magazine. They found themselves extremely attracted to each other while struggling against their hormones in an attempt to keep their relationship on a businesslike basis.

Anything But Love Cast

Jamie Lee Curtis .... Hannah Louann Miller
Richard Lewis .... Martin "Marty" Ezekiel Gold
Richard Frank .... Jules Kramer / Jules Bennett (See Trivia)
Holly Fulger .... Robin Dulitski (Seasons 2 to end of series)
Ann Magnuson .... Catherine Hughes (Seasons 2 to end of series)
Bruce Weitz .... Mike Urbanek (Seasons 3 to end of series)
Joseph Maher .... Brian Alquist (Second Season Only)
Jane Milmore .... Kelly (Episodes 7-19 Only)
Billy Van Zandt .... Harold (Episodes 7-19 Only)
Sandy Faison .... Pamela Peyton-Finch (First Season Only)
Louis Giambalvo .... Norman Keil (First Season Only)
Bruce Kirby .... Leo Miller (First Season Only)

Anything But Love Trivia

In the first season of the Anything But Love TV show, Richard Frank's character's name was Jules Kramer. It was changed to Jules Bennett for the second season.

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