Ant Farm TV Show

Ant Farm Disney

Series Description

Ant Farm is a 30 minute kids series on the Disney Channel about an eleven-year-old musical prodigy who skipped several grades to enter an advanced program at the local high school. She and the other young gifted students face many challenges in order to try to fit in with the older kids.

Ant Farm Cast

China Anne McClain .... Chyna Parks
Sierra McCormick .... Olive Doyle
Stefanie Scott .... Lexi Reed
Jake Short .... Fletcher Quimby
Carlon Jeffery .... Cameron Parks
Christian Campos .... Wacky the Wolf
Alexandria Deberry .... Paisley Houndstooth
Aedin Mincks .... Angus Chestnut
Finesse Mitchell .... Darryl Parks
Zach Steel .... Gibson
Mindy Sterling .... Susan Skidmore

Ant Farm Trivia

The special program at the high school that the gifted students participate in is called the "Advanced Natural Talents" program. That's where the "Ant" in the series title comes from.

The pilot episode of Ant Farm drew a pretty impressive 4.4 million viewers for the Disney Channel.

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