Anna and the King TV Series

Anna and the King TV Series

Series Description

Anna and the King was a 30 minute drama series on CBS about a woman who traveled with her son to Siam in the year 1862 to provide the King of Siam's numerous children with a western education. Anna and the King often clashed due to their differing opinions about the role of women in society and other social issues. At the same time, they both had a special respect for one another and a common bond that bordered on love but was never allowed to fully blossom.

Anna and the King Cast

Yul Brynner .... King Mongkut of Siam
Samantha Eggar .... Anna Owens
Brian Tochi .... Crown Prince Chulalongkorn
Rosalind Chao .... Princess Serena
Keye Luke .... Kralahome
Eric Shea .... Louis Owens
Lisa Lu .... Lady Thiang

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