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Animaniacs Characters

Series Description

Animaniacs was an animated comedy kids TV show about numerous Warner Brothers' characters who are truly Ani mal Maniacs. Most of them were considered too nutty to be used as the stars of their own cartoon series or movie but when combined into one show they seemed to work. Two mice who want to take over the world, a singing cat and dog team, mafia pidgeons and a giant chicken are just a few of those who appeared on the show.

Animaniacs Characters


Rob Paulsen .... Yakko Warner / Pinky / Dr. Otto Scratchensniff / Misc. Voices
Tress MacNeille .... Dot Warner / Hello Nurse / Marita Hippo / Misc. Voices
Frank Welker .... Ralph the Guard / Thaddeus Plotz / Buttons
Frank Welker .... Runt / Flavio Hippo / Chicken Boo / Misc. Voices
Maurice LaMarche .... Brain / Squit Pigeon / Misc. Voices
Jess Harnell .... Wakko Warner
Chick Vennera .... Pesto Pigeon
John Mariano .... Bobby Pigeon
Tom Bodett .... Narrator / Miscellaneous Voices
Jeff Bennett .... Baloney / Miscellaneous Voices
Nancy Cartwright .... Mindy Sadlier / Miscellaneous Voices
Jim Cummings .... Narrator / Miscellaneous Voices
Julie Brown .... Minerva Mink (1993-1996)
Mary Gross .... Katie's Mom
Arte Johnson .... Newt / Miscellaneous Voices
Cody Ruegger .... Little Blue Bird
Nathan Ruegger .... Skippy Squirrel / Miscellaneous Voices
Laura Mooney .... Katie Kaboom
Mark Slaughter .... Queen Mum / Freakazoid
Sherri Stoner .... Slappy Squirrel
Colin Wells .... Randy Beaman's Pal
Bernadette Peters .... Rita
Paul Rugg .... Clown / Miscellaneous Voices
Corey Burton .... Miscellaneous Voices
Justin Garms .... Miscellaneous Voices
Leslie Lamers .... Miscellaneous Voices
Jack Burns .... Miscellaneous Voices
Gail Matthius .... Miscellaneous Voices
Stuart Pankin .... Miscellaneous Voices
Avery Schreiber .... Miscellaneous Voices
Kath Soucie .... Miscellaneous Voices
Ben Stein .... Miscellaneous Voices
Vernee Watson-Johnson .... Miscellaneous Voices

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