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Angel Street was a 60 minute police drama series on CBS about two female detectives who teamed up in order to solve murders.

Angel Street Cast

Robin Givens .... Detective Anita King
Pamela Gidley .... Detective Dorothy Paretsky
Ron Dean .... Detective Kenny Branigan
Joe Guzaldo .... Sergeant Ciamacco
Rick Snyder .... Detective Kanaskie
Luray Cooper .... Detective Llewellyn
Danny Goldring .... Detective Delaney

Angel Street Trivia

While detectives Anita King and Dorothy Paretsky managed to solve their murder cases, they didn't really get along all that well. Dorothy was a single mom who understood the people in the ramshackle part of Chicago where she and Anita investigated their cases. Anita had a college degree and was narrowly focused on working her way to the top of the police force as quickly as possible. Both Dorothy and Anita also had their share of problems with their mostly male co-workers who felt that women belonged in the kitchen, not in their precinct. Real life reflected Robin Givens' and Pamela Gidley's TV roles in that they didn't get along well at all on the set!

There were four episodes of the Angel Street TV show that were produced but not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were, "Death of a Car Salesman", "According to Etta", "Probable Cause", and "Mother, May I?".

Angel Street aired for three pathetic weeks on Saturday evenings at 10PM on CBS. It had decent competition from "The Commish" on ABC and "Sisters" on NBC but what really killed Angel Street was that it stunk! The lead actresses were just not believeable in their roles.

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