Angel Falls

Angel Falls

Series Description

Angel Falls was a 60 minute drama series on CBS about the inter-relationships between the members of three families living in rural Montana.

Angel Falls Cast

Brian Kerwin .... Eli Harrison
Kim Cattrall .... Genna Harrison
James Brolin .... Luke Larson
Chelsea Field .... Rae Dawn Snow
Jeremy London .... Sonny Snow
Peggy Lipton .... Hadley Larson
Jean Simmons .... Irene Larson
Cassidy Rae .... Molly Harrison
Robert Rusler .... Toby Riopelle
Shannon Wilcox .... Rowena Dare
Shirley Knight .... Edie Wren Cox
Ashlee Lauren .... Sophie Harrison
Marlee Shelton .... Brandi Dare
William Frankfather .... Sheriff Bailey
Jimmy Baker .... Robbie Larson

Angel Falls Trivia

The title of the series came from the small town where the show took place ... Angel Falls, Montana. CBS decided to premiere Angel Falls in August of 1993, before the regular season began. Sometimes networks do that in order to build an audience for a show without the competition from other new shows. In this case, as in most others, it didn't work. Generally, viewers don't tune in until the regualar season begins. At least not in huge numbers.

The Angel Falls TV show certainly didn't fail due to a bad cast! James Brolin had already starred in two hit TV series, "Hotel" and "Marcus Welby, M.D.". He would later star on another series titled, "Pensacola". Kim Cattrall would later star on the megahit series, "Sex and the City". Jeremy London had already starred on a two season series titled, "I'll Fly Away" and would go on to star on two hit series, "7th Heaven" and "Party of Five". Peggy Lipton had already proven her acting abilities on "The John Forsythe Show", "The Mod Squad", and "Twin Peaks". Well ... you get the picture. A lack of actors capable of carrying a successful series was not the problem!

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