Anchorwoman on FOX

Anchorwoman FOX

Series Description

Anchorwoman was a 60 minute reality series with a comedy twist on the FOX Network about the challenges that faced a beautiful blonde swimsuit model when TV station KYTX in Tyler, Texas hired her to be their news anchorwoman in a vain attempt to improve their ratings. With only one episode airing before the series was canceled, it's obvious that Anchorwoman didn't do much of anything for FOX's ratings!

Anchorwoman on FOX Cast

Lauren Jones
Dan Delgado
Phil Hurley
Annalisa Petralia
Michelle Reese

Anchorwoman Trivia

There were seven episodes of Anchorwoman that were produced but were not broadcast on the FOX network. One of the titles was: "A Happy Newsroom Is a Productive Newsroom" and the other six episodes were never titled.

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